When the Dux Prodigy gas heating and and the best air conditioning Burwood system came out they weren’t naming it this because it was smarter than the average bear and could not only heat your water but do all your tax calculations in its storage tank as well. What they were going for was the meaning of the system being outstanding at keeping your water hot and saving on energy, thus it is a prodigy of a particular quality.

The 5 star system is of the same size as other models in the same line and not hard to exchange one for another, the gas heater can use either natural gas or propane and can heat 2000 litres of water over a 24 hour period, enough for any busy household. What makes it unique is the flu damper, this device will automatically open when the water cools to a certain temperature, the damper then opens and the gas alights to begin heating, then once the water is hot enough the damper automatically shuts, keeping the temperature hot longer within the system by not allowing hot air to leave. This is all backed by a one year parts and labour warranty and the tank is guaranteed for ten years after that you are on your own. 

There are two sized tanks to choose from the 135 L or the 170 L, the 135 is recommended for a family of three adults and three children and the 170 for four adults and three children. Now the way they have calculated this is by making how much an adult would use as the equivalent as a dishwasher or a washing machine not however, and they did specify this, a spa bath. Someone must have complained one time that they were not getting enough hot water for the spa bath. So in the house hold of four adult you are looking at two adults, one dishwasher and the washing machine, the three adult household there is going to have to be a sacrifice, chuck dad out I reckon and keep both the dishwasher and the washing machine going. As for kids well I don’t know where they did their research but they use more hot water than everyone in the house put together there are companies that offers efficient heating and cooling services.

Muddy hands and feet, sweaty little bodies, most of the time they need a shower in the morning and in the afternoon and sometimes in between as well if it has been a particularly busy fun filled day, which means dirt, a little dirt, oh and more dirt. As soon as you get them clean off they go again to cover the patches you just washed, obviously the research was done by a bachelor who thinks all women spend hours in the shower, which would be nice, if we got half a chance before all the hot water has run out and everyone was complaining they didn’t get their turn. Get two systems installed one for all of them and one for you, bugger the expense.